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About the tutorial

This tutorial guides you through building a small Django application that lets a user read and interact with legislation loaded from the Laws.Africa Content API.
The functionality includes:
  • Fetching and storing legislation from the Laws.Africa Content API
  • Listing legislation
  • A legislation detail page with a Table of Contents and well-styled text
  • Interactivity and enrichments using the Laws.Africa Law Widgets
The tutorial is divided into three modules:
  1. 1.
    Module 1: building a the app basics; data modelling; fetching and storing data; listing legislation; reading and styling legislation
  2. 2.
    Module 2: basic and advanced enrichments and interactivity
  3. 3.
    Module 3: extracting text from Akoma Ntoso XML for full-text search and machine learning
The full code for the Django app is available at