Table of Contents

Fetching the Table of Contents for an expression.

You can get a description of the table of contents (TOC) of a work. This includes the chapters, parts, sections and schedules that make up the legislation.

pageHow to use the Table of Contents API

Get the Table of Contents for an expression

Individual parts, chapters and sections

You can use the url field from an item in the Table of Contents to fetch the details of just that item in XML or HTML.

Content for a single part, chapter or section


Get the content of a particular Table of Contents item.

Path Parameters




The full FRBR URI for the expression.



The Table of Contents item to fetch.



Response format: XML or HTML.

<section class="akn-section" id="section-9" data-id="section-9"><h3>9. The rescue of stray dogs</h3>
<section class="akn-paragraph akn--no-indent" id="section-9.paragraph-0" data-id="section-9.paragraph-0">
<span class="akn-content"><span class="akn-p">A <span class="akn-term" data-refersTo="#term-person" id="trm257" data-id="trm257">person</span> who rescues a stray <span class="akn-term" data-refersTo="#term-dog" id="trm258" data-id="trm258">dog</span> shall report the date and time of the rescue and a description of the <span class="akn-term" data-refersTo="#term-dog" id="trm259" data-id="trm259">dog</span> to the <span class="akn-term" data-refersTo="#term-Council" id="trm260" data-id="trm260">Council</span> within twenty four hours.</span></span></section></section>

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