API calls that return lists will be paginated and return a limited number of items per page. The response includes information on the total number of items and the URLs to use to fetch the next and previous pages of items:



Total number of items in the entire response, across all pages.



URL for the next page of results, if any.

string or null


URL for the previous page of results, if any.

string or null

Here's an example of the first page of a paginated response with 250 total items and two pages:

  "count": 250,
  "next": "",
  "previous": null,
  "results": [ "..." ]

In this case, fetching the next URL will return the second (and final) page.

Our recommended way of walking through all paginated results is using a while loop like the following in Python:

def fetch(url):
  while url:
    response = get(url)
    results = response["results"]
    # TODO: do something with the results 
    url = response["next"]  

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