List the places - countries and localities (sub-country regions) - that are available from the Content API.

All Laws.Africa content belongs to a country or a locality within a country. A locality is a jurisdiction within a country, such as a province or municipality. Together, they form a two-level hierarchy.

Place codes

Countries are identified using two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes, such as na or za.

Localities are identified using a combination of the country code and a locality code specific to the country, such as za-cpt.

Locality codes are not well standardised and may vary between different countries. In South Africa, for example, municipalities are identified by the codes determined by the South African Municipal Demarcation Board.

Get places

Get a place

Get work expressions for a place

Use the frbr_uri_code for the place to fetch work expressions in that place.

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