Enrichment datasets

Enrichment datasets add additional detail to provisions of a work.

The provisions (chapters, sections, paragraphs, etc.) of a work can be enriched with additional information. This information is stored separately to the content of the provision.

Explore the tutorial for working with enrichment datasets.

Module 2: Enrichments and interactivity

These enrichments are grouped into enrichment datasets. An enrichment dataset contains multiple enrichments for multiple works.

An enrichment dataset has a root taxonomy topic. This is the root of the taxonomy tree that the enrichment dataset uses. Provisions enriched by the dataset can be tagged with a taxonomy topic that is part of the enrichment dataset's taxonomy tree.

An enrichment is made up of:

  • the work being enriched

  • the eId of the provision being enriched

  • the enrichment data:

    • a topic in the taxonomy topic tree associated with the enrichment dataset

An enrichment applies to a provision across all expressions of a work.

List enrichment datasets

Get details of an enrichment dataset

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