Changes to the Laws.Africa API.

Version V2 of the API is deprecated and will be disabled during 2024. Please migrate to V3 of the API.

New in V3

  • The /v3/taxonomy-topics/<slug>/work-expressions URL is new. It lists work expressions under a taxonomy topic.

Differences between V2 and V3

There are only minor changes between V2 and V3 of the Content API.

  • In V3, the commencements field for work expressions is removed and is available at its own URL /v3/<frbr-uri>/commencements.json . This was done for performance reasons because for some works commencements is very large, but the data is not always used.

  • The taxonomy topics URL has moved from /v2/taxonomy_topics in V2 to /v3/taxonomy-topics in V3.

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